Image result for Private Schools In Canada pickeringThe Canadian educational system is world-renowned for its high-quality teaching and capacity to prepare students for higher education at some of the world’s most elite universities. Canadian secondary school students are among the most versatile and learned secondary school students in the world, and if they wish to pursue higher education, it is not unusual to find them making their way to some of the best universities in the industrialized world. Canadians take educating students very seriously and the country is dedicated to ensuring that its youth are knowledgeable enough to have a place in the ever more technologically advanced twenty-first century.

Of particular note are boarding schools in Canada. Families from around the planet are flocking to Canadian boarding schools, sending their sons and daughters to the nation of Canada in hopes of preparing them for higher education in universities such as the University of Toronto, Stanford, Cambridge, MIT, McGill, Oxford and the venerable Ivy League. Boarding schools in Canada do have a worthwhile reputation and not entirely without due cause. Surveys done by independent researchers have found that some of the highest rated schools in the world have a high number of graduates from Canadian boarding schools, whether they were born in Canada or simply came to the country to attend one of its boarding schools to get the results they were hoping for. With an increasing number of students from these Canadian schools reaching the most highly rated and intensely selective schools on the planet, it should come as no surprise that students are arriving from as far away as Uzbekistan, Columbia, Turkey, and even the United States in pursuit of the secondary education that will propel them even further.

There are a wide range of benefits to these schools beyond simply reaching the highest ranks of university education on the planet. While Canadian boarding schools suffer from an unfair public image created in the Victorian era, the modern Canadian boarding school is about so much more than simply a stiff, harsh education intended to keep children away from their parents. A typical boarding school offers a wide range of additional options for students interested in exploring more of the world and themselves. Some schools near the coasts offer whale watching expeditions, while schools closer to the mountains carry out group trips to go skiing. Additionally, there is a wider range of classes that can be taken in these schools that are not available in public schools. Whether it’s a simple gourmet cooking class or something more surprising such as film production or the basics of the Swahili language, a wider range of options are open to students.

With all these advantages, it is no wonder that families from across the planet are sending their students to Canadian schools in hopes of improving their lot in life. For those who can afford them, be it without any problems or with the assistance of these schools’ many need-based assistance programs, a Canadian boarding school can be a very formative experience.