Drakes Tabanco received a well-deserved TripAdvisor excellence award!
TripAdvisor is renowned for providing honest reviews, setting high standards for all establishments, on food and service, in the restaurant sector, for that matter all sectors concerning the traveler. Though not limited to the traveler, even locals use the service to find the best and outstanding places for their next special wine and dine.
best tapas in londonDrakes Tabanco is no exception when it comes to excellent reviews, and in addition they have won the highly sought after certificate of excellence award in 2015. For those who are not acquainted to this reward; it is the award, which celebrates superiority in hospitality, merely rewarded to the establishments, which constantly attain grade one customer reviews on TripAdvisor. Drakes have been pushing hard to establish a reputation for having the best tapas in London for some time now, and this will certainly help them towards that goal.
Bringing a little bit of Spain to London, this is a charming Spanish restaurant in Fitzrovia is filled with ambiance, serves imaginative, enjoyable and gorgeously presented dishes, and traditional tapas, alongside with an all-embracing sherry and wine offering. Being to Spain numeral times, and always indulging in tapas on these journeys, Drake Tabanco’s tapas outshine several of the true Spanish Taverns.
Drakes Tabanco takes its creativeness from the excellent tapas eateries and sherry Tabancos of Andalucía, but substitutes several of the customary tapas favorites with a fascinating and creative assortment of unique dishes, all freshly made with seasonal elements from some of the nation’s premium producers.

Their beverage range is no a lesser amount of eclectic, with a variety ranging from astonishing sherries, housed in ancient oak barrels to prize-winning Spanish craft beers and natural wines from intimate estate bodegas. The wines, which embrace immensity through cautious cultivation over numerous decades in the discreet Jerez’s prodigious cellars.

fitzrovia restaurant

Altogether this delivers a characteristically Andalucía, nonetheless complete romantic setting offering you the opportunity to enjoy your fabulous meal by candlelight in the main room, or in the thrill of the tavern while watching the Venenciador expertly excerpt exceptional wines from the barrels.
This gem of a restaurant offer you a thrilling experience whether you visit for a laid back solo lunch, a get together for friends and family, or a romantic dinner for two. Their five course paired menu will complement any appetite, including delicious wines such as Oloroso Viejo (+ 20yrs), Amontillado Viejo (+ 20yrs), Rare Old India (Limited Release), and Pedro Ximenez Extra Viejo (+ 25yrs), all from the Fernando de Castilla, and the Dark Chocolate & Caramelized Walnut Bar is an absolute joy. However, you need to book 48 hours in advance if you want to enjoy this outstanding menu.
Competent kitchen staff, brilliantly prepare outstanding food, with a wide variety to suit anybody’s preferences. At affordable prices, you can order a variety to sooth your pallet with creativity, fascination, and uniqueness.
There is no doubt that this intimate, yet family restaurant deserved the TripAdvisor excellence award through and through. With excellent service provided by friendly and competent staff, be sure to know that a meal at Drakes Tabanco will be a meal to remember. When traveling to London this is the one stop, you have to make, without it, your trip will be incomplete. If you’re looking for Tapas in London, there are few better places to eat.

When you are in London, you are bound to be confused about where to have your lunch or dinner. One choice you definitely have is the Subway or McDonalds. Even so, if you want to enjoy your foods leisurely with good environment, in this article is a list of best restaurants in London. Many of these restaurants mentioned here cater to all types of budgets. They not simply exceed in the variety of cuisines they have, but also in services and ambiance. Read on to see which one of these best restaurants in London you would select to enjoy your meals.

1) Hereford Road

Until 1997, British cuisine wasn’t nearly as popular as today. Tom Pemberton was one of them who propelled the British cuisine into highlight with this restaurant. Situated on 3 Hereford Road, this restaurant offers bold, British cooking for its customers. The menu change here regularly (on a daily basis). The typical formula here are lamb’s sweet bread, calves’ kidneys and brains, and British puddings.

2) Hawksmoor Seven Dials

This restaurant is situated on 11 Langley Road in the Coventry Garden location and a truly sensational one. Though the entrance is slightly hidden, once you enter this restaurant, you will feel as if it is a century old restaurant. The surprising part is that the restaurant was opened only near the end of 2010. The quality of meat is far better than the expensive Mayfair steak restaurants. If you are willing to part with nearly £50 per ahead, this is a restaurant can provide you quite a pleasant experience.

3) Gordon Ramsay’s The Savoy Grill

The Savoy, located on The Strand and a few steps away from Coventry Garden, is forming a part of the Gordon Ramsay Empire of restaurants. The Savoy Grill is located inside the Savoy Hotel and dates back to 1889. It was recently restored back to its former glory. The menu here is inspired by the by the classic dishes of Britain and France. The selection of beef like as Roe deer venison and Herdwick mutton cutlets is outstanding,

4) Le Gavroche

Le Gavroche from Michael Roux Jr. is a “toptable Best Food award” winner and a holder of two Michelin stars. Located in the heart of Mayfair with an unimposing doorway, the restaurant offers you a typical country house atmosphere just before you enter the classically designed main restaurant. This restaurant is unpretentious and offers you some of the best French food UK can provide.

5) Mezzanine Restaurant

The Mezzanine Restaurant presents to you some of the best seasonal modern European cuisine London has to offer. Located on the Southbank and inside the famous National Theatre, this restaurant overlooks the River Thames. It is a more formal, chic and stylish dining room whose specialty is the Pre theatre dining. The restaurant is conveniently situated for visitors to the National Theatre and is also a hit among the local foodies.

Now that I have mentioned some of the best restaurants in London, where do you prefer to eat the next time you are in London?


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